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Nousha Nematzadeh

Founding Member and Consultant

International Law, Human Rights, Global Politics

Nousha is a founding member and consultant at CSC, focusing on international law, human rights and global politics. She also oversees CSC’s content production for social media and online public relations.

Her research focuses on the study and application of human rights law across cultures and borders and at the international level, with specific focus on comparing individual versus collective interpretations of universal rights. At CSC, Nousha is conducting an independent research study on transitional justice issues in Iran from grassroots perspectives within the country and across diaspora communities. She is specifically looking at individual and community level human rights abuses as well as enduring political, social, and economic issues that can undermine effectively implementing transitional justice in Iran post-revolution. Nousha is also contributing to a research study on amending the Oath of Employment for civil servants and elected officials in what is now known as British Columbia, Canada, to enact change that addresses, atones for, and prevents recurrence of colonial genocide against Indigenous Peoples.

Nousha is completing an LLB degree at King’s College University, London, with specialization in international human rights law. Additionally, she holds a B.A. & Sc. In international relations and cell/molecular biology from McGill University.

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