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Collaborative Social Change (CSC) offers myriad services that can be very helpful for the prevention of violence and advancing peace. Click here to see the full list of services.


If you find that you are not sure how best to address a particular experience of violence related to our core mandate, email us at admin@collaborativesocialchange.org with a brief description of the situation if possible and to set up a time for a discussion with one or more of our representatives.


Through an inclusive discussion and subsequent brainstorming session, CSC representatives can work with you to co-generate a response strategy that speaks to the peculiarities of the situation. From there, specific services can be identified for procurement and if necessary, other resource streams can be explored. If we believe we are not the best people to address your needs and interests, referrals can be made to direct you to the appropriate actors and organizations. 

Our services


Academic tutoring on peace and conflict issues

Collaborative publications

Community sensitization

Applied research

Community dialogue

Conflict analysis


Community documentary screenings

Conflict assessment

Briefing papers

Community mobilization

Conflict management