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About us

Collaborative social change is a transnational network committed to violence prevention



A world free of widespread, systematic violence where each individual and group is able to realize their full potential. 




To normalize taking action to prevent individual and collective beliefs and behaviors across all sectors, disciplines, and societies that reinforce in the everyday conditions for widespread, systematic violence including mass atrocities. 




To address and prevent diverse forms of direct, structural, and cultural violence using a series of grounded and participatory approaches to research, learning, and practice. 


Theory of Change


CSC believes working to address widespread direct, structural, and cultural violence in the everyday is an effective way to prevent creating conditions conducive for mass atrocities including genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and widespread human rights and Indigenous rights violations.

Collaborative Social Change (CSC) is a transnational network of practitioners, scholars, activists, and changemakers working to prevent widespread, systematic violence in highly diverse contexts. We aim to break out of the traditional silos that expert-and-donor-driven industries create by making exclusive the work of preventing mass violence. Accordingly, CSC enacts a problem-driven approach where context, lived experiences, and the dynamics of systems producing harm determine the people, skills, and methods required for preventative action. 


CSC is a registered not-for-profit incorporated company with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our representatives are based in more than twelve major cities around the world including but not limited to Delhi, Kampala, London, New York, and Tokyo. Our dynamic community brings together expertise  in atrocity prevention, international relations, international law, human rights, political science, sociology, psychology, transitional justice, business, peacebuilding, international diplomacy, fine arts, area studies, and cultural studies. We tap into this multifaceted network to mobilize cross-border collaboration to address conflict-related issues and violence locally, and to address trends and patterns of violence occurring across contexts by promoting peace-inducing change transnationally.


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According to our theory of change as a network, if we work to address and prevent everyday direct, structural, and cultural violence then we will more effectively prevent large scale human rights violations and mass atrocities. This is a mandate we work toward with passion, critical thinking, creativity, and resilience. 

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We offer a wide array of services that can be useful to those seeking to prevent or address direct, structural, or cultural violence. But we also understand that the complexities surrounding an instance or cycle of violence can make it difficult to pinpoint what service response is required. So our diverse team with varied experiences and worldviews work with relevant parties to understand the conflict system producing violence and then co-generate a strategy to collaboratively dismantle it. 


CSC's transnational network of diverse specialists working in a range of sectors and disciplines are committed to using their respective skills and experience to help eradicate violence. To foster a spirit of respect and collaboration, we organize ourselves into a horizontal structure that includes consultants, advisors, volunteers, and partners. 

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