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Our Network

The CSC network is made up of individuals and partner organizations committed to preventing mass violence. The members of our four clusters are spread across more than 15 countries and 4 continents. 


Consultants at CSC use participatory approaches to provide services that can help to address and prevent violence. They also collaboratively oversee, coordinate, and implement our initiatives throughout their lifecycle including quality assurance. 

Walter Aguma

Walter Aguma

Consultant & Advisor

Community Mobilization, Advocacy, and Field Research

Zachariah Barghouti

Zachariah Barghouti

Founding Member, Consultant and Advisor

Monitoring and Evaluation

Bareera Ahmed

Bareera Ahmed


Peace, Conflict, and Global Politics

Saghar Birjandian

Saghar Birjandian

Founder and Consultant

Problem Analysis, Transitional Justice, and Atrocities Prevention

Tutku Ayhan

Tutku Ayhan

Consultant & Advisor

Gender, Violence, Conflict, and Politics

Güley Bor

Güley Bor


Research, Documentation, and Reparations

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Advisors provide various forms of support including but not limited to sharing their wisdom to enrich our strategies and programs; helping to expand our reach through their respective networks; and/or mobilizing resources for our activities and initiatives. 

Aleksandra Lukasiewicz


Children's Rights, Child Protection

Cameron Kays

Consultant and Advisor

Transitional Justice, Peace building, Cultural Anthropology, Human & Indigenous Rights

Anton Glavas

Consultant & Advisor

Research and Reporting

Emily Sample

Consultant & Advisor

Peace, Conflict, Gender, and the Environment

Azadeh Momeni

Consultant & Advisor, International Relations, Foreign Policy, Women’s Studies

Jasper Kiepe

Consultant & Advisor

Program Management, Editing, and Central Asia

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Volunteers are self-selecting changemakers that provide skills and experience of their choosing to help enrich our strategies and initiatives.

Gabriela de Santana Gonçalves

Consultant & Volunteer

International Human Rights Law, Transitional Justice, Brazilian Law

Tyler James


System Analysis, Energy, and Oil and Gas

Yasmin Jones


Violence, Peacebuilding, and Epistemology


Our partners include diverse organizations from around the world that share our passion for violence prevention. We support each other, expand each other's reach, and collaborate on specific initiatives as needs arise. 


African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET)

BURMAWAVE logo.png

Pax Tecum Global Consultancy

Screenshot 2021-03-28 at 13.40.52.png

Genocide and Atrocity Prevention Support (GAPS) Uganda

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