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Gabriela de Santana Gonçalves

Consultant & Volunteer

International Human Rights Law, Transitional Justice, Brazilian Law

Gabriela is a Consultant and Volunteer at CSC focusing on International Human Rights Law, Brazilian Law, and Transitional Justice.

She has a Bachelor of Law degree from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), in Brazil and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Transitional Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.

She has interned at the Brazilian Federal Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) and at the State Court of Ceará (TJ-CE), in both cases, working on criminal lawsuits and investigations. Thanks to these experiences, she has realized that law, human rights, and democracy should be a matter of interest for everybody if we intend to build fairer, less violent societies.

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