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Shuhei Murayama

Consultant & Advisor

International Trade and Commerce

Shuhei Murayama is an international trade specialist in the food retail industry, with robust business experience in fresh foods procurement. 

One of his representative projects was importing and spreading trout salmon farmed in the kingdom of Lesotho to the Japanese market. In 2016, he attended a business seminar in Tokyo, Japan organized by the embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho as a keynote speaker, and His Majesty Letsie III, King of Lesotho directly stated his expectation on the project’s success at the time. Conscious of the importance of environmental sustainability, and the livelihoods of regional farmers in developing countries, Shuhei is continuously spurred by an irresistible urge to pursue such interests further as a subject, while intensively engaging in the field of food procurement from all over the world. 

He completed his MSc degree in Environment, Politics, and Development at SOAS, University of London in November, 2018, and since then has come to believe that focusing on the structures and mechanisms of societies is a vital method for achieving social change. With a renewed focus on sustainability and the international trade business, Shuhei seeks opportunities to utilize his past knowledge and experiences in assisting to increase the options in life for those facing poverty and discrimation by addressing structural violence.

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